From May 2021 onwards almost all of our brews will be canned. Why? Honestly, because we have more room for our magnificent artwork. And because it’s less heavy and takes up less space in storage and transport. Yes, these are mainly advantages for us. Although… you can probably appreciate that cool artwork. Fortunately, there are more benefits to canned beer, for you too! Cans protect beer against taste deterioration. Because there can be no light or air. Beer’s greatest enemies.

Light is fatal, it makes the beer stink (and smell does influence your taste, and it’s all about flavor), so it is not surprising that beer is served from colored bottles. Unfortunately, a colored bottle does not block all light yet. And cans do!

Air, as in oxygen, is not a friend of beer either. If air enters the brew, it can oxidize which affects the taste. Beer bottles are less well sealed, as air can get under the crown cap. Cans are closed very tightly, so that taste that remains as it should!

But there is more…
Cans are cold faster, so if you have just visited your favourite specialty beer store and want to pour your beer a few hours later. No fuss. Geen probleem! You would’ve waited a while for your bottle cool down… Or think of its vulnerability, a bottle breaks faster than a can. It is also less heavy, the more cans of beer you can take with you on the back of your bike when you are headed to the park. And as we admitted earlier, we did it for ourselves because it makes a huge difference in transport, because they are easier to stack and therefore much easier to transport. This in turn produces fewer emissions. Secretly also very environmentally conscious.

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