We just releasd our brand new beer, Power of Ten, wich is a collaboration between van Moll and Buxton. In this interview with the two founders of the buxton brewery but what is the Power of Ten and what is Buxton. You can read it down below.

What does the name Buxton stand for?
Buxton, geographically, is our home town, surrounded by the wild and beautiful Peak District from which we gather a lot of our inspiration for our design and creativity.

What would you like to achieve with your beers?
We aim to be unapologetically bold in everything we do. We brew beers that we want to drink and which we think our loyal followers expect of us!

What is your favourite beer?
Anything Imperial. Preferably having spent some time in barrels!

How have you met Erwin?
We were invited to the 2018 edition of his Van Moll Fest which takes place at the amazing Evoluon building and gardens in Eindhoven and again in 2019 –  a great festival with amazing breweries and beers.

Where did the idea of the Power of Ten come from?
Power of Ten is a beer to celebrate 10 years of Van Moll Bar. To mark the occasion we created a recipe with 10 different malts and 10 hops to make a beer that is 10% ABV.

The beer is called a Triple IPA, what defines this beer style for you?
A Triple IPA is all about being big! Big amounts of hops for big flavours and big alcohol content to knock your socks off. Ironically, a big beer is usually served in a tiny glass!

What is the reason for the football player on the label?
This was Erwin’s idea. The most iconic number 10 in the world is Pele!

Can we expect any future collaborations between Buxton and Van Moll?
Absolutely! If the time and place is right we would love to work together again.

Are there any future plans we have to look out for?
We are hoping to open at least three new sites in the next 6 months including a brand new taproom at our brewery which overlooks the Peak District. Beer wise – we will have a much more focused core range interspersed with a monthly seasonal programme and hopefully the return of our most iconic beer, Yellow Belly.

I’ve seen that you also make your own Gin. Where did the idea of making Gin combined with brewing beer come from?
We have a passion for great drinks and gin felt like a good addition alongside beer. We’ve got exciting plans for our distilling operation, watch this space!


We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Buxton!
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